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A brief history of the origin of the kennel von der Kaiserquelle:

In 1980 I was born as Robby Dekeyser, as it were among German Shepherds. My passion for this wonderful breed is therefore not surprising. At that time, my parents had a well-known and successful kennel in Paal-Beringen that produced numerous champions, including a vice-world champion and a world champion. The kennel of my parents suffered from private circumstances, but still I could always keep a German Shepherd from the bloodlines that my parents so carefully had built up.

However, in 2007 I said goodbye to my beloved Queena, the last true descendant from the bloodlines of my parents.

So the time had come to establish a new kennel, and the Kennel von der Kaiserquelle was born.  'Kaiser' of course as a derivative of my family name and 'Quelle' stands for source.  A Kaiserquelle also means a source of excellent quality in German.

Efaam was the first addition to the new kennel, because of her 3-4 inbreeding to Fado von Kartago. So this bloodline finally was again combined with the line of Muikenshof, and so the thread was picked up nicely. Also, the combination Darja and Depko created a beautiful litter, which formed the base for a new and very powerful bloodline.

But of course the cynological lines were not left behind. We owe the origin for our beautiful bloodlines to Markus vom Status Quo. We chose this beautiful and well-breeding male as a base because of his character, beauty, working drive and health.

But the training and breeding of good working dogs cannot be done alone.
Therefor I would like to thank everyone who has helped to make our kennel to what it is today.
I will carry the German Shepherd breed in my heart throughout my life and will see to it that every litter from our kennel will honor the breed and the high breeding requirements.

Robby Dekeyser

"A Kaiserquelle

is a source of 

outstanding quality"