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Tiras II
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TIRAS (V1 Germany & IGP3 Germany)


Asap vom Aldamar (VA (BSZS 2021 & 2019) +VA (BEL 2019)) x Ica von der Zenteiche

Tiras von der Zenteiche (V1 Germany & IGP3 Germany)

descends from fantastic bloodlines and is a great addition to our kennel. This beautiful male combines a gentle character, obvious beauty, a spirited working drive and excellent health in one robust gorgeous body.

With resounding names in his bloodline like his father Asap vom Aldamar, Remo vom Fichtenschlag, Gary vom Hühnegrab, Enosch von Amasis and Omen vom Radhaus, we have a topper in our house who will undoubtedly go on to win high honors!  In co-ownership with Goran Rokic of GIM Kennel, Tiras will be available with us for stud and we will train with him to present him at major competitions in Belgium and abroad.
Tiras has been given a separate Facebook page, be sure to like it as there will be new footage on it regularly!

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TOKYO (V47 BSZS 2023 & IGP1 Germany)

Whitney von Ropal x Uslan von Bad-Boll

As our kennel's own breeding product, Tokyo is everything a German Shepherd should be, in our eyes. She has a spirited character, excellent anatomy and a healthy portion of drive.

Despite her young age she has already been noticed several times by top breeders, so with Tokyo in our midst, the future of our kennel looks very bright!

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Tokyo 04-2022
Opal 04-2022 II
Opal 04-2022
Opal 04-2022 III
Opal Gim
Opal young II
Opal Gim SG 3 JHKL H



Willy vom Kuckucksland (world champion 2018-2019 | vice world champion 2017)  
Optima vom Pendler (sister of Optimus vom Pendler V14 BSZS 2017 - VA1 China)

Opal joined our kennel in 2021. She descends from a fantastic bloodline, with a world champion as her father and her mother Optima vom Pendler. Opal is very correctly built, nicely pigmented and a super sire.
Opal is medium built and has a spirited character. She is an excellent mother and provides a very correct education for her puppies. Opal is the litter sister of Optimo Gim, who received the title of American Universal Sieger in 2019. We expect many top dogs to be produced from this beautiful lady.

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Bodo vom Urnersee (V22 World Championship 2017) x Rona v. Timohaus 

With great pleasure we welcomed Hera von Waisskirchen into our kennel, a very promising female who brings rejuvenation and a beautiful new bloodline into our kennel. Hera is a daughter of Bodo vom Urnersee. She has a very sweet and soft character, but when there is work to be done, she is in the first row!

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Hera vom Waisskirchen
Hera vom Waisskirchen 07-2020
Rani 04-2022 III
Rani 04-2022 IV
Rani 04-2022 II

RANI (IGP1 Germany)


Max von Haus Targa x Kwina Von der Kaiserquelle

Rani is our own breeding product (2nd generation working line) and descends from the old top bloodlines from the 90's that have put Belgian working line breeding on the world map. Some top dogs in her bloodline: Max von Haus Targa, Ken vom Badberg, Depko vom Klipgaarden, Q vom Haus Shiho, Link von Muikenshof, Steffi van het Bleekhof and Fado von Karthago. Rani is a purebred working line and is very eager to learn, curious by nature, has a pronounced 'will to please' and has a lot of work drive in her!
She is a top dog of which we are very proud, because not only does she deliver excellent protection work, she is also very well built on the cynological level.

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Our kids Louie & Elise, the cats Matisse, Tequila & Brioche and the chickens :-)

Socialization is a serious matter, if you want to be sure that your puppy grows up to be a sweet and also hard working dog. If you choose a puppy from our kennel, you can be sure that he will grow up to be a dog that feels comfortable with both people and animals. Our puppies get acquainted very early with our 2 young kids and the other dogs of our kennel, but also their playmates are waiting for them. Through the contact with these animals you will have a lot of fun later on when your puppy has grown into a sweet and confident adult dog, without any adaptation problems.


08/08/2011 - 28/12/2018

Depko van Klipgaarden x Darja van scoonsele

Kwina was our own breeding product. She descended from old bloodlines including Link von Muikenshof, Q von haus Shiho, Ufo von Guy's Hof and other top sires. She bursted with temperament and was extremely taxable.
Combined with her social nature, this made her a very good working dog. The complete maternal line is known to us up to the 6th generation.
Purely bred from information obtained from well-known top breeders. Tireless and always ready to work. Earned her chunks at Securitas. Kwina left us very unexpectedly on 28/12/2018, we will carry her forever in our hearts.

BELG-02-H extra
BELG-02-ST extra


23/12/2016 - 02/04/2022

Mark Vom Pendler (Several times V1 on major German shows) x Xara von der Plassenburg 

Medio 2020, we welcomed Bebe vom Ellispark into our kennel.

She was a very beautiful and spirited bitch and came from a top Israeli breeder.     At the National Championship of Croatia 2018, she beat the number 3 of the World Championship of that year in the category 'youth class bitches'. A promising lady, who provided memorable offspring. On April 2, 2022, we unexpectedly had to say goodbye to our beautiful girl. Taken from us way too soon, we still miss her every single day.